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Compare your trades with our head coach to close that gap and take your trading to the next level 

What does our unique Hyper-Learning give you?

  • ​Journal your trades and note their profit
  • ​Compare your trades against our head coach 
  • ​Find out why trades were made and the outcome 
  • Develop your own checklist to give you an extra edge in your trading
  • ​Build a solid foundation to trade from as you understand and see the market through the eyes of our professional traders
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What is Hyper-Learning in forex trading?

Hyper-learning basically allows you to significantly speed up your trading journey.

While backtesting allows you to focus on a specific strategy, hyper-learning lets you experience the entire thought process of a extremely successful professional trader and truly see the markets the same way they do, understanding why they did or did not take a trade on each currency pair traded.

Our hyper-learning process means you'll learn from each trading experience by comparing yours with our leading forex trading expert.

There is simply no better way for you to "close the gap" and truly enhance your own trading.  Are you ready to discover important tips and tricks to refine your trading technique under expert guidance?

How our Hyper-Learning trading technique will make you successful
At Guerrilla Trading, we’re obsessed with success. 

 We provide you with a forecast for the week ahead prior to the markets opening and a recap every Tuesday and Thursday, where we break down in detail not only the trades that we have taken, but also the trades we didn't take and looking into the reasons why these decisions were made, giving you a thorough  insight and understanding into price action. 
So you get exclusive opportunities to see the entire journey of successful trading techniques - not just a snippet. 
You’ll be equipped to take that information, compare your own trades and apply what you’ve learned. To be the best forex trader that you can be. 
Interested? Good. Download your hyper-learning video and get started!

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Find out what our Guerrilla community think of our strategies

  • Sam - "If you’re serious about becoming a successful trader, then Guerrilla Trading is the community to do it. They’ve instilled a fantastic work ethic, you learn and develop with likeminded individuals and have help every step of the way."
  • Ionut - "I went through the best trading experience with Joshua and his strategy. The strategy is so simple and so profitable. I must also point out that the community created is formidable, everyone is willing to help."
  • Henrique - "I have been in many groups and had different strategies, but for me Guerrilla Trading is one of the best trading community that I have been with. I started 5 months ago and booked massive progress that resulted to get my first funded account."
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